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Whitening products: In Burkina Faso, TV channels banned from advertising

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Whitening products: In Burkina Faso, TV channels banned from advertising

The phenomenon is so important that it deserves to stop there. From Yaoundé, Douala, Abidjan to Bamako, African capitals are growing under the whitening advertisements.

Whether in the media or XXL posters, the images sit enthroned, usually a woman with hair extensions to the head, discolored complexion, enticing look. The goal: to invite people to adopt cream supposed to give it a clearer complexion.

On market stalls or perfumes and other supermarkets, same show. Here, despite the dangers of skin whitening, the practice seems encouraged by aggressive advertisements selling a certain ideal of beauty.

Official reactions : little effect on whitening products use

Faced with bleaching skin Africa, some countries are trying with varying degrees of success to react. But generally lack of resources or interest in the issue, awareness remains shy. Moreover, here and there, it is not uncommon to see a TV reporter show a whitened complexion, artists are not left behind. Bleaching in black Africa is on the rise. Where regulations exist, actions to enforce them do not always seem to follow.

Despite a context that encourages every day more money laundering, in some countries, dedicated bodies do not intend to lower the guard

On September 27, the president of Burkina Faso’s Higher Communication Council (CSC) met with representatives of the main TV media in the country. While the main topic was about telenovelas and the need to better control them, other topics were discussed. Among them, that of advertisements of depigmenting products.

Me Mathias Tankoano, president of the CSC called Canal + on the respect of the Burkinabè legislation. The CSC has asked the chain to ban advertisements for depigmenting products, which are banned in the country. ©

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