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Robert Mugabe will be buried at the Harare Heroes Monument

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Robert Mugabe will be buried at the Harare Heroes Monument, compromise between his family and the Zimbabwean government

The remains of Robert Mugabe returned to Harare on Wednesday, hosted by his widow Grace Mugabe, in the presence of Zimbabwean State House Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Official ceremony in Harare, private ceremony in Kutama in his village and final burial at the monument to heroes

This is the compromise reached so far by Robert Mugabe’s relatives and the government. The first denounced how the Zimbabwean authorities managed the funeral program of the nationalist leader.

In an official statement, the family of Robert Mugabe denounced his sidelining, accusing the government of not having consulted them on the program.

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The government wanted Mugabe’s body to be exposed in a football stadium in Harare and buried at the monument of national heroes. No question for his relatives, who wanted Mugabe’s body to be exposed on Sunday in Kutama, then early next week, that the former president be buried in a strictly private ceremony.

Huge crowd at Rufaro stadium to pay homage to Mugabe

Following a compromise between the two parties, an official ceremony will be held this Sunday at the Harare National Cemetery. Then, Robert Mugabe’s body will return to his home village where his family and community will hold his own private ceremony. Then, the Pan-African leader should be buried at the Heroes Monument in Harare, a burial whose date remains to be determined.

Yesterday, September 12, Mugabe’s body was exposed at the Rufaro stadium in the suburbs of Harare, an opportunity for a large crowd to come and pay tribute to him. ©

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