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Lira becomes the Barbie’s first African role model

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Congratulations Lira! The South African singer has a Barbie in her effigy. A few days ago, she announced her separation from her husband, but the singer shines more than ever, that’s fine. Since 2015, Mattel celebrates and honores women who continue to break boundaries. For 60th anniversary of the doll brand, finally a 100% African Barbie.

« I have always been someone who endeavours the celebration of my skin tone and natural hair, and it is amazing to see this reflected in my doll which I hope will inspire girls across the African continent. This is an enormous gesture and affirmation that the world is celebrating Africa for who we are. »

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African First Barbie with Lira

Lira, whose real name is Lerato Molapo, becomes the first African woman to own a doll in her image as part of the Mattel “Shero” campaign. Why ? Because she is recognized as a role model for young girls, something that the campaign “Shero” (contraction of “She” and “Heroe”) seeks to value for several years now.

« I’m deeply honoured to be Barbie’s first African role model and am excited to align with brand that is on a mission to show girls more diverse role models.»

At, we value Lira not only for her talent, but for the energy she releases. We also apreciate the way she celebrates her beautiful ebony complexion. And of course, we also appreciate Lira for her stylish hairstyles. Whether to wear very short Afro or even straightened, or to marry with skill and style, afro and braids, Lira inspires us regularly in our Hairstyle pages that you can consult here. ©

Photos via @miss_lira (Instagram)

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