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Michelle Obama: America is rich of its diversity

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Michelle Obama: America is rich of its diversity

America is rich of its ethnic diversity. That’s what Michelle Obama thinks. The wife of the first black president of the United States spoke in the midst of a controversy: the statements made by Donald Trump against the Democratic representatives of the US Congress. Their particularity: they come from minorities (black, Hispanic, Muslim, etc.)

For Trump, if these congresswomen do not like America as it is, they only have to leave it.

“What truly makes our country great is its diversity. I’ve seen that beauty in so many ways over the years. Whether we are born here or seek refuge here, there’s a place for us all. We must remember it’s not my America or your America. It’s our America.”

These are Michelle Obama’s words on Twitter. About Twitter, we are there too, follow us on: Twitter @dzaleu.com

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