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Lagos: charged for public indecency, Tekno apologizes

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Lagos: accused of indecency, Tekno apologizes but still under fire. The nigerian authorithies consider that he is “a threat to national security. “

Big buzz last week around the Nigerian artist Tekno. Indeed, following viral videos, it was summoned by the Nigerian police last Wednesday. The motive: Tekno is accused of public indecency following these videos. We see him surrounded by dancers in undress in the traffic jam in Lagos. The group is inside a glass truck. Tekno offered a show considered “shocking” by the authorities: half-dressed dancers and bank notes thrown at passers-by.

The Nigerian National Council for Arts and Culture does not want exagerated explicit clips in nigerian music

It was enough for the National Council for Arts and Cultureto make a statement. The authorities, who ask an investigation, believe that Tekno’s behavior is “a threat to national security. ”

For NCAC, nudity is not part of the country’s culture. They intend to follow the Tekno case closely. It is also a way according to them, to send a warning to the Nigerian artists tempted to fall into the explicit images (hypersexualization of the music).

Tekno closely watched, a message to other artists according to the authorities

Public indecency is punishable by three years of prison in Nigeria. It did not take long for Tekno to publicly apologize via his Instagram account. According to him, the glass car in which he was with the dancers, went to the shooting of a clip.

He also apologized for shocking or hurting the audience with his lightly dressed dancers. At the heart of this buzz, Tekno released the clip of “Agege” the song where he features Zlatan. In the video clip, we see dancers doing pole dance on stage in a truck. The president of the National Arts Council did not fail to lament that. He also promises that all promoters of nudity will have to answer for their actions.

From his real name Augustine Miles Kelechi, Tekno is part of this wave of African artists who are currently conquering the world with their afrobeat music. The 26-year-old is also one of the African artists invited by Beyoncé on his latest album (The Lion King: The Gift). He is in fact featuring on the track “Don’t Jealous Me”, with Mr Eazi and Yemi Alade. ©

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