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Kye-Ossi: what’s happening at the border?

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Kye-Ossi: what is happening at the Cameroon-Equatorial Guinea border?

According to information taken by various media in the country, the Cameroonian army accuses Equatorial Guinea of ​​having begun what looks like an incursion on the Cameroonian territory.

According to the Cameroonian army, which spoke on Tuesday 6 August, Equato-Guinean soldiers crossed the river, which is the natural border between the two countries, and laid the groundwork for the Cameroonian side to a depth of nearly two kilometers.

For General René Claude Meka, leader of the Cameroon Armed Forces, Yaounde will not tolerate any illicit intrusion on Cameroonian territory.

Equatorial Guinea has not officially reacted. As for the project to build a wall on the Guinea-Equatorial and Cameroon border, Malabo intends to better curb the influx of West African immigrants on its territory. Rumors state that Malabo blames Cameroon for a certain laxity in controlling migration at the border. ©

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