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I Learn Ewondo – Word of the day : « Nyaŋgá »


I Learn Ewondo – Word of the day : « Nyaŋgá »

I speak Ekang
(Ma kɔ́bɔ Ekaŋ)

Word of the Day :
Nyaŋgá (Beauty, Coquetry)

What does it means

How is it used

What are its synonyms …

All the video tutorial at the end of the article

Ma kɔ́bɔ Ewondo (I speak Ewondo)

Synonym of the word nyaŋgá : abəŋ

Both terms refer to « Beauty » but with some nuances

The word is more used to denote something pleasant

Nyaŋgá and Abəŋ can be names or adjectives

Examples according to context

DZALEU + MAG is the meeting of Beauty and Culture is a nice place where we also post in Beti language

Zozibini Tunzi is a beautiful dark skin woman

This young woman is very flirtatious

This young woman knows the coquetry…

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