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Yaounde : Prisoners convicted of attacking Cameroon’s interests remain in prison

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Yaounde : Prisoners convicted of attacking Cameroon’s interests remain in prison

The speech of President Paul Biya was eagerly awaited Tuesday, September 10 evening, raising previously rumors and conjunctures especially on social networks.

Among the conjunctures, the possibility of a presidential pardon for prisoners linked to the conflict in NoSo (North-West and South-West, English speaking areas of Cameroon, Editor’s note) or post-presidential tensions.

For the proponents of these assumptions, it would have been an effort to calm the situation. After a half an hour speech, they had their answer: no grace is to be expected for those who wanted to harm the security of Cameroon. For Paul Biya, it would be counterproductive to send the message that one can “with impunity” act against Cameroon, hoping for a hypothetical grace.

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Recalling that the constitution gives him the right to pardon under certain conditions, Paul Biya said he had used this right end 2018, to pardon a number of prisoners in connection with the socio-political unrest. But, insisted the president, this could not flirt with any idea of ​​impunity.

Clearly, even if no name was pronounced, the message is over: the current prisoners, whether they are secessionists or supporters of a certain opposition (in this case the MRC, Editor’s note), will remain in prison and will have to answer for their actions.

For the rest, the major statement of this speech in a pedagogue tonewas that of holding, by the end of September, a national dialogue. It will be led by the Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, and will concern all the components of the Cameroonian society: political world, traditional, confessional, army, diaspora, civil society, etc.© : African Lifestyle & Natural Beauty Magazine

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