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Top 3 African countries with the greatest potential

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Top 3 African countries with the greatest potential

London-based bank Standard Chatered made its latest ranking of the 20 countries with the strongest economic potential, Trade 20. In the lead, an African country: Côte d’Ivoire.

Standard Chatered established its ranking from the study of 66 countries including 14 African.

It is based on indicators such as GDP or exports, particularly their diversification.
Ranking is also done by analyzing the quality and development of infrastructure, the weight of digital including e-commerce, business climate, etc.

Ivory Coast is number 1 of Trade20 ahead of India (2nd)

In third place, Kenya and in 13th place, Ghana. These three countries have in common to attract more and more direct investors in the manufacturing sector. Our sections regularly echo these investments: the upcoming Toyota plant in Ivory Coast or the Chinese company Sunda with its largest baby diaper factory in Kenya. ©

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