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These songs that made Africa dance: “Sitya Loss” (Eddy Kenzo)

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These songs that made Africa dance: “Sitya Loss” (Eddy Kenzo)

Who loves good music could not forget the very dancing song “Sitya Loss” of Ugandan singer Eddy Kenzo. For those who do not know, no problem, the opportunity is given to catch up with the clip at the end of the article. For the record, this song made dance all over Africa, from east to west, south to center and not difficult to understand why:

The incredible journey of an orphan turned international star and philanthropist

Edrisah Kenzo Musuuza, by his artist name “Eddy Kenzo”, is Music director of the Big Talent Entertainment label. In 2014, the catchy sounds of “Sitya Loss” and especially, the dance steps of a group of children stars of the video of the piece (Triplets Ghetto Kids), have finally conquered the most irreducible.

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Born in 1989, Eddy Kenzo turned 30 last April. With his hand on his heart, he is one of those artists who do not hesitate to use their art and fame to play philanthropists, perhaps in memory of his orphan years. Indeed, his mother died when he was barely 5 years old.

Did you know ? Sitya Loss “became viral thanks to … P. Diddy (Sean Combs)

Indeed, it is after the musician and African-American producer shared the video that it became quickly viral. At the same time, when we see the Ghetto Triplets Kids dancing, what a pleasure and emotion! Today, video totals tens of millions of views.

“Sytia Loss” boosted the already rich national career of Eddy Kenzo, the first singer from East Africa to win a BET Award (black and African American music awards by BET, Editor’s note). In 2018, his highly acclaimed Roots album earned him a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award (USA). For an orphan and former street child, well done Eddy Kenzo!

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