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The first contingent of Nigerians returnee arrived in Lagos

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The first contingent of Nigerians returnee arrived in Lagos, amid relief and sadness after the xenophobic violence that rocked South Africa.

The image is strong, the personnel of Air Peace (company that transported the returnees), displaying messages against xenophobia.

As for returnees from Johannesburg’s Oliver Tambo Airport, 188 people have been repatriated out of the 600 identified to leave Nigeria.

A repatriation supported by a private, businessman Allen Onyama

According to a Nigerian Foreign Minister’s announcement last week, Air Peace’s owner, Allen Onyama had offered to bring home his fellow volunteers, starting Wednesday (September 11th). Of the 317 originally planned, only 188 were able to embark, the others having been rejected due to administrative problems. Their repatriation should take place later, according to the representative of the Nigerians of the diaspora living in South Africa.

Cooling of relations between the two geants of Africa

As a reminder, South Africa has been the scene of an outbreak of violence directed against Sub-Saharan nationals living in the country, which is home to a large Nigerian community, nearly 100,000 people.

These disturbances, which have shocked the African public with regard to the history that most countries have maintained with the South African people during the dark hours of apartheid, have resulted in a cooling of relations between Nigeria and South Africa.

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Nigeria recalled its ambassador to South Africa, while Pretoria temporarily closed its diplomatic representations in Buhari’s country. The two countries, which are fighting for leadership on the continent, do not spare their efforts to reach a peace.

The provisional assessment to date has been a dozen people killed following these xenophobic violence. A summit meeting is scheduled between Buhari (President of Nigeria) and his South African counterpart.

As for returnees, the Nigerian government has pledged to provide them with financial assistance. ©

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