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“Sodade” by Cesaria Evora: Lyrics and meaning

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“Sodade” by Cesaria Evora: Lyrics and meaning

The sound of the day at is “Sodade” by the “Diva barefoot”, a wink to the one who would have turned 78 today.

The Cape Verdean singer was indeed born on August 27, specifically on August 27, 1941 in Mindelo on the island of Vicente Di Longe.

The one that offered a global audience to the Cape Verdean Morna left us on December 17, 2011, leaving us a timeless music. : African Lifestyle & Natural Beauty Magazine

Sung in Cape Verde Creole by the inimitable voice of Cesaria Evora, “Sodade” was released in 1992. The piece speaks of the “sodade”, sadness, nostalgia for the separation between two lovers. For the record, the economic context of the 70s pushed many Cape Verdeans to exile in the neighboring island of Sao Tome & Principe.

You can see “Sodade” Lyrics here

Lyrics & Official video

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