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Sidiki Diabaté in BCBG mode or Afro-inspired ensemble?

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Sidiki Diabaté in BCBG mode or Afro-inspired ensemble?

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Pic of the day : Sidiki Diabaté in BCBG mode or Afro-inspired ensemble?


Between these two looks of the young Malian singer, our heart swings, swings ! We love the chic and dandy look of the BCBG style, but the sobriety and elegance of its Afro set is just as appealing.
And you, which of these two looks wins for you?

Sidiki Diabaté Jr, a well-born artist!

Born February 8, 1992 in Bamako, Sidiki Diabaté Jr is the son of the artist Toumani Diabaté, himself from a long line of griots and Kora players.

Musician, songwriter and producer, the 27-year-old plays both modern instruments such as guitar and piano, as well as traditional instruments such as Kora.

Very popular in West Africa and growing beyond, Sidiki Diabaté is part of this new generation of African artists who are as comfortable singing in French, English as in their mother tongues. ©

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