Shaving : Folliculitis or ingrown hairs

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Shaving : Folliculitis or ingrown hairs, what is it?
More fat and less thick, male skin ages less quickly. But an ailment particularly affects it: folliculitis or ingrown hairs.

Folliculitis, what is it?

You should know that each hair grows from a base (opening under the skin) called “follicle. When it is inflamed (because of bacteria or weakened skin), folliculitis can range from mild to more severe.

Folliculitis and shaving

When it grows (or regrows), the hair, just out, is reimplanted a few millimeters further into the skin. This is usually accompanied by irritation and itching. But, the hair continues to grow in the bulb and forms a button full of pus. Soon, we will tell you how to avoid folliculitis. ©

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