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Shampoos: Pay attention to the composition

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Shampoos: Pay attention to the composition. We tell you why in this article

Did you know it about shampoos?

The generous foam in most shampoos is due to the strong presence of so-called “sulphates”. These actually act as true chemical detergents that attack the hair.

A shampoo consists largely of the ingredient that washes the hair, the washing base or “surfactant.” It is what will dissolve the dirt of the hair and the scalp. The particularity of sulphates is that they wash, while attacking the scalp. Result: irritations, oily or very dry scalp, hair just as dry if proper haircare does not follow.

Take care about the composition of the shampoo

This is why some will find that after a shampoo, their hair is dry or dull. Or for relaxed hair, they start to take that light brown color that is not natural.

Similarly, as with the relaxers, the chemical assets contained in the sulphates penetrate the skin and enter the body. ©

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