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Senegal: An encyclopedic project on the History of the country

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Senegal: An encyclopedic project on the history of the country. It will consist in endowing the country with a 25-volume encyclopedic base focused on the central theme: The General History of Senegal.

For the Senegalese state, the long-term goal of this project is to “decolonise” the past. In a word, that Senegalese write their own history, with their own vision.

Like many African countries, the official history of Senegal closely follows the archives left by the former French colonizers.

According to AFP, the first five volumes of the General History of Senegal were presented last July to President Macky Sall.

Behind this project, Senegal also intends to prepare for the complete overhaul of its school programs.

The encyclopedia will be published in five volumes a year. By 2024, the Senegalese should have a history written by them for them.©

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