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Robert Mugabe raised to the rank of “National Hero”

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Robert Mugabe raised to the rank of “National Hero”

In the aftermath of the death of the pan-Africanist leader, ZANU-PF, a party he founded and led, proclaimed him a “National Hero.” “

The announcement was made by the current President in person, who is a member of ZANU-PF.

Emmerson Mnangagwa announced on television that ZANU-PF had met, and had decided to make Robert Mugabe a “National Hero”, a status he deserves in view of his role in Zimbabwe’s constitution.

Robert Mugabe died Friday, September 6th. He was 95 years old.
His body should be repatriated from Singapore where he was being treated, but no date has been communicated.

Following the death of Robert Mugabe, many African heads of state, from Buhari to Kabila or Uhuru Kenyatta, have saluted the memory of the man who is considered a champion of African construction. ©

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