Rihanna chooses Lingala for Fenty advert

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Rihanna chooses Lingala for brand advertising

Have you noticed the craze of our Afro-descendants cousins ​​for teh Motherland? Example: Beyonce pays homage to Africa in her latest album (The Lion King : The Gift). No need to talk about the “Wakanda / Black Panther” phenomenon!

Rihanna, which in two years has led its brand fenty Beauty at a high level, now attacks the Asian market. And for her, accompanying this conquest of the Rising Sun with a good song coming from Motherland is normal. She chose the song “Muana Poto” from the Afro-Parisian group Tshegué. Fenty Beauty is expected to arrive in the Asian market in September.

At, we appreciate this interest for several reasons but already for a very obvious: it joins our philosophy which is to value the African languages

Who knows, seeing a celebrity like Rihanna advertises her brand by bringing Lingala forward, maybe that will inspire some of us to put more emphasis on our mother tongues. They deserve to be put on a pedestal, and it starts with us, Africans. But we know taht in reality, so many of us do not give anay interest to african languages.

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