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Unless otherwise stated, our original articles and videos are open for sharing online and on social networks for non-commercial use provided that you put the copyright ©Dzaleu.com and a link to the article or video source. 

Any commercial use of our original content (articles, videos) is strictly forbidden.

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The content of our videos obeys the rules of the copyright, any modification or marking without our agreement is forbidden. For any request for an editorial partnership, please visit our Partners page.

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Our articles excluding special mention, news and interviews are illustrated by royalty free photos Pxhere, Freepik, etc. Our videos use music under Creative Commons license by Attribution 3.0.

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In order to facilitate your navigation on the site, we may collect information about you and send “cookies”. In accordance with the European General Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR), we use the information gathered only as part of Dzaleu activities and services.

Your registration and navigation on Dzaleu and its branchs is a tacit agreement of collection of the data necessary to the march of our websites and applications and the services we provide for you. Notice that any submission content on our websites, applications, social media or other services (e.g., “testimonies on articles or videos”, photos, comments, reviews), is a tacit agreement to use the informations you give us in order to provide you our services. So, it can happen that we may publicly display your name, screen name and other information you have provided to us that identifies you in relation to your submission.

Dzaleu works with other partners to provide you content and other serices or products, and in this context we may share your personal data with other companies with which we share common ownership.  We may also share your Personal Data with third-party service providers who process Personal Data on our behalf pursuant to contractual arrangements in order to help us market and deliver our content to you (e.g : when you request or download any product or service offering from us, we may forward your Personal data to the publisher or provider in order to fulfill your request.

In order to enhance your online experience with Dzaleu.com, our services may contain links to other websites or services whose privacy practices may be different than ours. Notice that once you click on a link to another website, you are no longer using our services. Our Privacy Statement does not apply to the privacy practices of any  social media platforms that may be accessible through links on the Dzaleu network.

Important : You have a right to access, modify and delete data concerning you. For this, please write to us via our contact page.

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