The essence of language Ǹfí yī á ǹkɔ́bɔ

As you can see, is in African language (Ekang). Why? Because for us, language is what carries our thought and our lives. The language is like a mirror that helps people to better understand the world in which they live. The language is truly our first culture.

Of course, it’s rewarding to speak several languages, but before you get to that point, you have to ask yourself this question: what is my relationship to my own language ?

So, we chose to do in Ekang language. We are convinced that a media that allows us to read the news of the world in an African language, contributes to habituating the mind to integrate this language into our daily lives. is in Ekang language, but the goal is also to contribute in our way in the best way to learn this language. So, with a single click, any visitor has the opportunity to access the French and English versions of the site.

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Our editorial Offer Otil wáán

Our goal :

In accordance with our philosophy, it is to inform, entertain, educate while working to valorize an african language.

Our editorial offer :

  • It covers 7 major themes divided into 20 sections dedicated to news, culture, travel trends, beauty & fashion, but also wealth, entrepreneurship, health, love relations, family, cooking, etc.
  • The video has an important place on with a dedicated space: DZALEU VIDEOS. To discover too, DZALEU + with our exclusive contents and regularly, surprises to download freely !

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