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Mekongo Patrick, inventor of AgroConnect

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Mekongo Patrick, inventor of AgroConnect

Mekongo Patrick, inventor of AgroConnect, an application that aims to facilitate the sale of agricultural products through the opportunities of Digital.

For the young Cameroonian, it is by dint of watching the food vendors offer their products on the street, in conditions not always optimal in terms of cleanliness, that he came up with the idea of ​​AgroConnect.

But also thinking of the losses suffered by farmers who can not sell their products for various reasons: impassable roads, poor conservation conditions, lack of distribution channels, etc.

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An app for an Africa-Africa partnership that aims to meet a dual need: to help farmers and consumers

The application intends to help structure and supervise the marketing of agricultural products by giving a greater visibility to the farmers’s products. And above all, by facilitating the direct farmer-consumer link.

AgroConnect is also an Africa-Africa partnership. Mekongo Patrick has indeed a technical partner with a Beninese star-up. The application, in the final phase of development, should arrive on PlayStore by the end of 2019 according to its creator. Concretely, growers with the app will be able to promote their products and above all, be geolocalisable. On the part of the consumers, they will only have to get in touch with the producer of their choice.

Mekongo Patrick holds a US degree in International Relations © Source : Cameroon Tribune : African Lifestyle & Natural Beauty Magazine

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