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Meeting between Nigerian and South African heads of State next month

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Meeting between Nigerian and South African heads of State next month

Xenophobia in South Africa: Buhari will meet Ramaphosa next month

This meeting between the two African heads of state is a gesture of appeasement to find a way out of an episode that the continent obviously does not want to relive.

As a reminder, South Africa has been the scene since last weekend of an outbreak of violence directed against Sub-Saharan nationals living in the country, which is home to a large Nigerian community, nearly 100,000 people.

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In return, particularly in Nigeria and Zambia, South African businesses were targeted. The tension was such in Lagos that South Africa temporarily closed its diplomatic representation there. Nigeria, meanwhile, had previously recalled its ambassador in Pretoria, and had canceled its presence at an economic summit in Cape Town.

Cyril Ramaphosa raises his voice as violence continues: his country will not tolerate anarchy, he said

This weekend again saw South Africans in the street, especially in Johannesburg, the economic capital. Speaking on the subject yesterday, Cyril Ramaphosa said that South Africa can not tolerate violence and lawlessness.

However, despite the arrests made by the police since the start of the violence, others have been attacked, and the toll has increased. It would be today a dozen people killed, and many property belonging to Africans destroyed.

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The two giants of Africa want to find a way out of the crisis

Abuja and Pretoria multiply diplomatic initiatives. Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria, said his country would work closely with South Africa to find a lasting solution. According to BBC Africa, “President Buhari has said that he has instructed his Foreign Minister to engage with the South African authorities on the concrete steps that the South African government is supposed to take. “

Nigeria to evacuate hundreds of citizens through a private initiative

In the face of the violence that the Nigerian community has paid particular attention to, Allen Onyama, boss of the private company Air Peace, proposed to repatriate these fellow volunteers. According to the Nigerian consul in Johannesburg, nearly 600 people have already reported to return to Nigeria. ©

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