Male Beauty: Tips for Black Skin (Video)

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Male Beauty: Tips for Black Skin (Video)
When a handsome young man with a black complexion, as we say in Cameroon, gives advice on skin care, it’s worth seeing!

Between real advice and humor, we loved and so, we share. The video is in English, to summarize quickly:

Take the habit to moisturize your skin

Side care of men’s skin (as for women also), the key is hydration. To avoid dry skin that pulls or even becomes greyish, it is recommended to moisturize your skin with an adequate cream and so you will be the next guy every girl wants (He is the one who says it!)

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Take the habit tave the right moves

He recommends that you insist on the parts that are often forgotten as elbows. Do not forget your lips because they too need hydration and the girls will say thank you! (It’s always him who says it, we just report it)

The care does not stop at the body

Pay attention to your olfactory signature (your smells to speak simply). And also do regular exercise.

We especially liked: The little nod to the girls, well present in this video. Well, your brother tells you that if you have ebony’s skin, it’s very pretty, but by grace, avoid hyper-flashy makeup that turns you into a light bulb.

As you can see, this video will appeal to both men and women. ©

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