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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes : history over … sniff!

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes : history over … sniff! Yes yes they were together for 6 years, even if they remained very discreet. But why did the couple end his romance? All the details below! : African Lifestyle & Natural Beauty Magazine

Several US media, from People, E! News to Vanity Fair, reported on the separation of the couple. Some say it was Katie Holmes who ended the story. The producer and actress, Tom Cruise’s ex-wife, would not have endured a relationship where Jamie Foww regularly appeared with other women. According to other versions, their relationship has just come to an end, nothing more.

What remains true in all this is that the couple had a rather atypical relationship. They never lived together. Everyone was in his city. Jamie Foxx to L.A and Katie Holmes in New York. To see the latest pictures of the two ex-lovers, everything seems to go for better for everyone, phew! Stay connected with us in Facebook and Instagram to not miss anything!©

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