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Investment: Toyota will open a factory in Ivory Coast

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Investment: Toyota will open a factory in Ivory Coast

Our articles regularly remind us of this: alongside the images tending to feed a certain Afro-pessimism, in other side, many groups work hard to have a place on the continent.

Why ? Its raw materials, but also a young population whose potential as a consumer market, arouses appetites. But it remains to be seen what place the African will occupy in this future, as Minsili Zanga recalled in her article “Africa is the center of the future, but what place Africans will have

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To return to the field of investment, whether it is for example Volkswagen via its South African subsidiary or other manufacturers, many of them realize the opening of factories on the contains. In November, German Volkswagen will be in Kenya after Algeria, Ghana and Rwanda in particular. If the constucteurs favor ENglish-speaking Africa, French-speaking Africa is not left out, as the last Japan-Africa summit in Tokyo last August showed.

Toyota arrives with its factory in Ivory Coast

At the seventh edition of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), Ichiro Kashitani, Toyota’s boss, signed an agreement with the Ivorian Minister of Transport, Amadou Koné to open an assembly plant in Côte d’Ivoire. Work should begin by the end of this year. © : African Lifestyle & Natural Beauty Magazine

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