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For French Fairy Tales : Being Black = Being ugly

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For French Fairy Tales, being black means being ugly for a princess. That’s what comes out of watching a cartoon posted online some days ago. In this one, the heroine of the story is in tears because, having broken a vow she was punished and became Black.

But this uninhibited racism does not stop there. The princess passed from blonde to black continues to grieve her fate in a dialogue that leaves speechless. Ignorance, idiocy or malice? We ask ourselves the question.

To summarize the scene, the princess laments being ugly after being turned into “Black” (yes, you read that right) and this was posted on YouTube in 2019.

Following the reactions of Internet users, the cartoon was removed from YouTube. But July 26, the channel has posted a new version. Among the comments mostly in the mode “We forgive you,” many blacks (Africans).

This made us want to browse the comments of the various videos and see the large number of blacks (mainly women) following this channel. With each YouTube channel controlling its statistics, French Fairy Tales was not unaware that it had an African audience, yet that did not stop them from putting this racist message online. ©Dzaleu.com

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