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“First Ladies” Series: Viola Davis to play Michelle Obama

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“First Ladies” Series: Viola Davis to play Michelle Obama

This was reported by “Deadline”. The series “First Ladies” is a project carried by Showtime.

Viola Davis, currently in the forefront of the highly-watched and acclaimed “How To Get Away With Murder”, will also be Executive Producer in “First Ladies.”

According to Deadline, Season 1 of the series currently under development, will focus on three First American ladies: Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford and Michelle Obama.

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Born in 1965 in the United States, Viola Davis has starred in such blockbuster films as “The Help”, which has earned her several awards including the BET Award for Best Actress in 2012.

Married to her compatriot Julius Tennon with whom she created a production company, Viola Davis received an Oscar in 2017 for her role in “Fences”, a film with Denzel Washington. She also received the NAACP Award for Best Actress for this film.

Viola Davis in “Suicid Squad II”

While “How To Get Away With Murder” will stop in the sixth and final season, fans of Viola Davis will be able to see her on the big screen especially in the highly anticipated “Suicid Squad II”, but it will not be until 2021 ! From here, no worries, Viola Davis will certainly be in other movies. Stay connected with us in  Facebook and Instagram to not miss anything! ©

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