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First African Barbie: Then, resemblance or not with Lira?

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First African Barbie: then, resemblance or not with Lira?

Congratulations to South African singer Lira. Mattel, creator of Barbie, turns 60 this year and once again honored women. It is through its “Shero” campaign that pays tribute to women who break the boundaries.

african-barbie-black-doll-barbie-lira-lerato-molapo-south-african women
“Lira” Lerato Molapo, South-african singer

Lira, 40 years old this year is the first African woman to become a Barbie’s role model. We talk more about it here. In this Fashion Section, it is the style of the “Barbie-Lira” which interests us: resemblance or not?

For us, it’s a definitive “yes”! Special mention also to the dress style of this African Barbie. Who would not like to have this incredible african print top as a room in his closet! ©

First African Barbie

Photos via @miss_lira (Instagram)

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