Face Care: A man gives you his routine (Video)

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Face Care: A man gives you his routine (Video)

No, beauty’s care are not just for women. Men can and should even get into the habit of spending time each week for that. It should be an habit like doing exercice or taking care of your hair.

This is what the author of this video tells us.

The benefits: clean skin, well hydrated, no pimples, no ingrown hairs.

African-Caribbean-care face-men-black-men-African face-Josiphiah-rizado
The couple “Josiphia Rizado” gives beauty’s advices. You can follow them on YouTube. Also follow us and have access to Dzaleu’s vidéos her : DZALEU MEDIA

He also shares his weekly face’s care routine:

1- Facial cleansing

2- Exfoliation

3- Clean with clean water and wipe with a clean towel

4-Pose a mask

5-After cleaning, hydration of the face.


Via @Josiphia Rizado (YouTube)

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