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Cameroonian Head of State statement : A major national inclusive dialogue planned by the end of September

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Cameroonian Head of State statement : A major national inclusive dialogue planned by the end of September

Yaounde – The major statement of the long-awaited speech by Paul Biya is the holding of an inclusive national dialogue by the end of the month in Cameroon.

In a half-hour speech followed by nearly 20,000 Internet users only on Facebook, Paul Biya went back a long way on the English crisis, its genesis, as well as the attempts of recoveries whose initial corporatist demands were victims.

Recalling that following the requests of these English-speaking fellow citizens, the government had put in place concrete answers, Paul Biya did not fail to emphasize how these claims had been recovered by groups with troubled interests, to lead to secessionist claims, and the atrocities that followed.

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For nearly 20 minutes, Paul Biya will give a real lecture on the socio-political situation, and all actions taken to get out of the crisis: call to lay down arms, set up a disarmament device, plan for the NoSo, etc.

At this point, it seems clear that the presidential speech will not deal with the subject of the prisoners accused to have endangering of the national security, let alone a resignation, one of the assumptions that has shaken the Cameroonian web since Monday, when Mvondo Ayolo, Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency, announced the speech of the Head of State.

Instead, Paul Biya announced that he will continue the task entrusted to him by Cameroonian voters.

The major statement : the holding of a an inclusive national dialogue

It will take place by the end of the month, and will be led by Joseph Dion Ngute, Prime Minister of Cameroon, from the English-speaking region (Sud-Ouest, Editor’s note), as recalled by the President.

All the forces of the Nation will take part in this dialogue, the politicians, the civil society, the army, the diaspora, etc. While the main topic will be about NoSo, Paul Biya said the national dialogue goes beyond that. It will concern all the regions de facto and will focus as much on the national community building, as bilingualism or multiculturalism in a country where more than 250 ethnic groups live together. © : African Lifestyle & Natural Beauty Magazine

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