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Cameroon: Paul Biya challenges foreign countries that shelter the artisans of “extremism”

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Cameroon: Paul Biya challenges foreign countries that shelter the artisans of “extremism”

For three years now, Cameroon has been facing a crisis in the English-speaking regions (North-West and South-West, i.e NoSo). Begun by corporatist claims, which was initially based on apolitical claims, quickly became the nest of secessionist claims.

As early as Monday, the Cabinet of the Cameroonian presidency announced via a statement that Paul Biya would speak on national radio and television. Highly anticipated, this speech of half an hour had aroused many rumors and comments especially on social networks.

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The hand remains tense for supporters of demobilization and disarmament. For the others, the State intends not to yield anything

Tuesday night, it is a calm and pedagogue Paul Biya who long expressed himself in front of his compatriots. In a firm tone, the Cameroonian President has long looked at the various aspects of the NoSo crisis. Reaffirming the will of the Cameroonian government to continue to accompany those who voluntarily deposit arms, Biya said that for those who persist in using force, the army will do its job.

Paul Biya has also launched a call to foreign countries that harbor these “extremists” and “haters”, in the words of the President

As for those whom Paul Biya called the “promoters of hatred (…) comfortably settled abroad”, most “no longer having Cameroonian nationality”, the President of the Republic said that they will have to respond sooner or later to their actions before the law.

Paul Biya also asks foreign countries, if they really care about the future of Cameroon and the well-being of its population (argument often raised by NGOs and other foreign voices, Editor’s note), to do what is necessary so that these “promoters of hatred and violence “in Cameroon from abroad, be put out of harm’s way. © : African Lifestyle & Natural Beauty Magazine

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