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Cameroon: Major National Dialogue until October 4

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Cameroon: Major National Dialogue until October 4

CAMEROON: An #Emgbem #Lion with national colors 💚❤️💛

A nod to the #CmrDialogue #NationalDialogue, the Major National Dialogue currently underway. One of the main objectives even if this topic is not the only one on the agenda: living together in a country of 250 ethnic groups.

Another target of this Dialogue : peace in the English-speaking regions.

Initiated by the President of the Republic of Cameroon (Paul Biya), the Major National Dialogue aims to bring out perennial solutions to appease the social and political climate in Cameroon.

Yaoundé “Palais des Congrès” – Yesterday, Monday, September 30th, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, host of the MND, opened the debates in the presence of 1500 delegates from all over the country.

Political parties, civil society, traditional powers, etc., are no less than 500 delegations in 8 committees, which will be brought to the floor throughout the session, on the key topics as mentioned by Paul Biya in his speech of September 10 latest.

Topics that are not limited to the “anglophone crisis”

As announced by Paul Biya on September 10th, the Major National Dialogue concerns all the ten regions of the country. The MND is as much about living together as bilingualism or multiculturalism in a country where more than 250 ethnic groups live together.

The Grand National Dialogue will end on Friday, October 4. ©

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