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This initiative of an information site entirely in African language is motivated by a goal: to draw on our cultures and languages to make it the focal point of our view of the world. The doors are open to all who share this ambition.

The Ekang as written on Dzaleu.com

The Beti language used on Dzaleu.com (mainly the Ewondo variant) draws heavily on the recommendations contained in the book “Introduction à l’Ewondo” by Father Owona Antoine. We are also inspired by Atangana Ondigui Simeon’s book “Le Nouveau Dictionnaire Ewondo-Français”.

Like many Africans, we were not educated in our languages and had to train ourselves as an autodicdate. Also, we ask your indulgence for possible errors and any linguistic contribution is welcome.

For beginners in Ekang language, we invite you to visit our section “Ma kɔbɔ Ekaŋ (I Speak Ekang).” You will discover our educational content and videos to familiarize you with the rules of reading and writing of the language Beti.

Enjoy your visit on Dzaleu.com!

An original idea of Minsili ZANGA (Founder)

Born in Cameroon in the central region (Yaounde), Minsili ZANGA holds a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the Catholic University of Yaounde. She is interested in topics related to sociology, culture, fashion-beauty and self-image.

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